Thursday, February 12, 2009 Silver Moon's customer reviews

"An island gem....

Silver Moon Emporium was a lucky find for me! I don't care for the overcrowded mall with crowded racks full of yesterday's fashion. Silver Moon carries one-of-a-kind fashion, with a little bit of everything: jewelry, shoes, formal dresses, casual wear, purses- you name it! Everything in stock is cute and unique. The staff really knows its inventory, and does a terrific job finding what you need! I brought all my friends there to shop!

It's a must go to if you're ever on Hawaii's North Shore."

-Lori H.

"Everything from designer T-shirts and hip party dresses to formals and wedding wear. Some of the most creative clothing I've ever seen. Sue Wong's designs are among the featured offerings, but obviously the buyer has varied taste and a flair for romantic and unique styles. A fun place to shop, too. Sales staff and customers alike were friendly, helpful, at ease. Never pushy or snooty, clearly enjoy clothing and people who enjoy clothing. A fine shopping experience. Somewhat pricey, but that's because of the stuff they carry."

-Patti C.


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